Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Check If Your Mac Product Falls into Apple’s Vintage and Obsolete Products

Do you have a Mac designed between 2009 and 2011? Then you should be somewhat a little bit concerned as Apple has a plan to add some products, including Mac devices to its vintage and obsolete product list. And the most talked-about machines like 15- & 17-inch MacBook Pro made before the year 2011, the Mac mini from early 2009, along with the 13-inch MacBook from mid-2009 are in the list. According to the official website, there are some other devices as well from different line of products that will be brought into the obsolete product lists.

All the products listed in the list will be barred from all types of hardware services and other support mechanism, apart from some select counties like Turkey and California wherein the customer support service from Apple will continue for some more years.

What is the alternate?

If you wonder whether you will be able to use your Mac due to discontinued support services, it is important to know that you can use the product for a longer period of time as far as you want. And if it shows any technical problem in days to come, then you can use the alternate support service to overcome the situation.

There are some independent technicians who will keep on extending their support for all types of technical issues that you may possibly experience with your Apple products. In case of any unfortunate situation – especially when you are not able to get the official help – then find out companies offering Apple Mac Support services over the phone and get a real time solution.

What are vintage and obsolete products?

Apple has set some values for its support services. It creates two categories – vintage and obsolete products, and once a product falls behind the set standards, it is automatically added to the either category.

Vintage products:

It is group of those products that have not been made for more than 5 and less than 7 years ago. If Apple does not manufacture or add any product to the existing product line, then it would be taken to the vintage product list. Yet there are some exception services for such products depending on the country and regions. If you want to know more about the category and you need to get technical help and support on old Mac machines, visit official website for Apple help services from certified technicians. 

Obsolete products:

This is a category of those Apple products that have been discontinued for the last more than seven years. Unlike the vintage products, there is no an exceptional services for the obsolete ones from any authorized Apple support centers. 

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